Members of the Irish Surf Team, selected under the rules and regulations of the Irish Surfing Association, are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will do credit to their country and the Irish Surfing Association.

Upon selection to any Irish Surf Team, team members will abide by the rules and meet obligations set down by the ISA/Irish Surf Team Management. The ISA/ Irish Surf Team Management reserve the right to drop any team member found to be in breach of team rules at any stage, including returning a team member to Ireland during an event at their own expense.

Team bonding is always a key to success at International competition. It is important that team members are fully focused on the competition without any external pressures. For this reason parents/ spouses/ friends and supporters travelling are asked to respect the team rules and regulations. This includes gaining consent from management prior to contacting team members and respecting team areas on the beach and at the team hotel.

Code of Conduct
  1. 1. The Irish Surfing Association will ensure that all teams that compete in international events will be led by experienced and responsible individuals who have the ability and skills to provide the necessary guidance to all team members.
  2. 2. To represent your country is a result of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. This honour is bestowed on the very best and it is reserved for a selected few. The ultimate honour would be to gain overall victory, but this must only be achieved through fair competition
  3. No victory, or even participation in an international event should be achieved through unfair methods. Cheating, unsportsmanlike behaviour or the use of illegal drugs to enhance performance is unacceptable, as is the use of any unfair advantages.
  4. 3. Alcohol, tobacco and drugs abuse are not part of the makeup of the serious sportsman, sportswoman or sports official. Management have a particular responsibility to set the right example.
  5. 4. Acceptable behaviour has many facets and all are as important for the sportsman, who is in fact an ambassador for the country. This behaviour is that which the public sees, and certain standards must be adhered to.
  • • Athletes and officials should adhere to the guidelines set for the wearing of team gear.
    • General conduct, such as language, behaviour (even when celebrating victory) should be appropriate for a National Teams
    • Respect, courtesy and manners should be shown to fellow travellers, in hotels, restaurants and other public places or private areas. This respect should extend to the staff, as well as patrons, and should include respect for the general public and other people's property.
    • Table manners and respect for speakers at official functions should be paramount.
    • Respect for the cultures of other countries, as well as their anthems and flags, is important.
    • Recognition of other teams/ countries' success or failures should be handled in a dignified and respectful way.
  1. 5. At all times Irish Surf Team members should respect for fellow team members giving their full support at every opportunity.
  2. 6. Above all team members should show a sense of pride, be above reproach in behaviour and subscribe to honesty, truth and fair play.