Through the years there have always been women surfing in Ireland but only ever representing a tiny minority. However the last decade has witnessed an explosion in women’s surfing.

In 2002 the Irish Surfing Association hosted “Wet And Wild Water Women”, a weekend to celebrate Irish women’s surfing, creating an opportunity for women surfers to meet, share information and advice on all aspects of the sport while introducing newcomers to surfing. The weekend was a phenomenal success and became an annual event on the Irish Surfing Association calendar.

In 2005 the Irish Sports Council launched the “Women In Sport Initiative” to encourage more women, both young and old, to participate in sport. The emphasis of the initiative is to value an active lifestyle, which is fundamental to health and well-being.

Thanks to the “Women in Sport Initiative” the Irish Surfing Association was able to expand “Wet and Wild Water Women” running further introductory and improvers weekends and producing “Water Women, A Surfing Guide for the Irish Water”